Evangeline Lammers

BSc (Zoo/Ecol-Cons), Ad. Dip Community Sector Management, Cert. IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Lifestyle Coordinator

If I can make 1 person smile today, it’s a good day!

Evangeline’s mantra is one that applies to every aspect of her life. She is dedicated to the wellbeing, happiness and entertainment of everyone here at Napier Street. After working in Lifestyle and Day Centre roles for over 3 years, she stepped in to the role of Lifestyle Coordinator. Over this time she has been able to ensure that activities and special events run smoothly and are new, fun and engaging.

Evangeline has just completed her Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Zoology, and ecology and conservation biology at Monash University. From this she has gained a mind for sustainable practice, the ability to provide education on conservation and environmental issues as well as communication and planning skills to apply to her work. She has also completed a certificate IV in Workplace Training Assessment and Education, and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management.