Annual Reports

2015-2016 - 24th Annual Report NSACS


The Board is pleased to be able to report the conclusion of another successful year as evidenced by our financial result and our continued successful meeting of all of the necessary government accreditation standards.

To find out more you can download the 2015-2016 - 24th Annual Report.

2014-2015 - 23rd Annual Report NSACS


As a provider of quality residential aged care services for local people, Napier Street is proud to have completed another successful year. Our focus remains on the quality of the care we provide our residents. We welcome the arrival of CaSPA Care next door which will add to the availability of residential aged care for people in the City of Port Phillip.

To find out more you can download the 2014-2015 - 23rd Annual Report.

2013-2014 - 22nd Annual Report NSACS


Over the past year, the Board, CEO and senior staff have continued to work through our strategic and business plans. Additional Board sub-committees have been established to focus on aspects of the plans enabling us to meet time frames and achieve our goals and objectives.

To find out more you can download the 2013-2014 - 22nd Annual Report.

2012-2013 - 21st Annual Report NSACS


In May this year, Napier Street Aged Care Service’s had been in operation for 20 years and remains committed to ensuring quality care is delivered to residents of our local community.  Our commitment to quality residential and community care and services has remained steadfast despite the numerous changes to aged care and subsequent challenges with which the aged care industry as a whole is faced. 

To find out more you can download the 2012-2013 - 21st Annual Report.

2011-2012 - 20th Annual Report NSACS


Napier Street Aged Care Service’s focus to deliver quality care to our local community remains our clear objective and our resolve to ensure our viability continues. This past year at Napier Street (NSACS) has seen a further consolidation of our services following our recently completed building and refurbishment project. Also during this time, the impacts of the Government’s aged care reform package announced in April 2012 were starting to emerge.

To find out more you can download the 2012 - 20th Annual Report.

2010-2011 - 19th Annual Report NSACS


Napier Street’s Board has maintained our focus on ensuring our Service remains viable, available and accessible to residents and their relatives with strong connections to the City of Port Phillip.  With our renovations complete we look back at the hard work that has gone into making sure residents will have access to an increased number of aged care beds in their local community. The completion of this valuable project in a fluctuating and unpredictable economic environment and within the budget allocated by the Board is testament to the strategic commitment of our Board and delivery by our Senior Management.

To find out more you can download the 2011 - 19th Annual Report.

2009-2010 - 18th Annual Report NSACS


Napier Street’s Board and Management continue to focus on the delivery of high quality, local and accessible aged care services to residents living in the City of Port Phillip. Part of our mission is to ensure that aged care within our region remains viable and continues to meet existing and future demand. Our decision to embark on an expansion of 14 beds and refurbishment of other parts of the hostel was part of our overall strategy to ensure our viability whilst at the same time providing much needed additional beds in the local area.

To find out more you can download the 2010 - 18th Annual Report.