Napier News

Welcome to the Napier News! We have been a little quite over the last couple of weeks, however we are back on track to having some exciting events for everyone to enjoy.


Firstly, we had a large donation of Magazines from a staff member! These were loaned out to whoever was interested in a light read!! It’s always nice to keep up with the goings on in the world! Books and DVD’s have also been making the rounds of the facility to ensure that everyone has something to do, even if they don’t feel like being social on a particular day! If anyone would like to make any donations of Magazines or DVD’s, they are more than welcome.


We celebrated Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September! Each male resident received a goodie bag filled with essentials such as socks, hankies and body wash! We also had a delivery from the Lions Club of another mystery present! Decorations were up as always to celebrate to occasion and fun was had by all!


We had Paul from Arm Chair Travels who took us to Easter Island and the South Americas! Paul has visited these places (Plus many more) on holidays and takes amazing photos. He then tells the story of his trip, accompanied by these photos which he shows on a projector. This is a great way for those who cannot travel, to experience the beauty of the world. This special event is always enjoyed by all!


The St Kevin’s students we have visiting us this semester, Darcy and Hugh, will be on holidays for the next couple of weeks, but will be back to finish the rest of their time here until November! If you haven’t already, say hello and introduce yourself!


We finished out Football Tipping competition and have our winners! Congratulations to Betty, who came in first, Jack who came in second and Lilian who came in third! It was a close competition this year! We will have our official awards ceremony on Tuesday the 26th of September. We will also be holding our annual AFL Grand Final Footy Day! We will be hosting a Handball competition, Footy Quiz, Award Ceremony and playing some highlights of the game of AFL in the afternoon! Everyone, including staff and visitors are encouraged to wear their team colours, or the colours of a team playing in the Grand Final!!!! Of course, the grand final will be showed in the lounge area on Saturday the 30th of September. Kick off will be at 2:30pm, however we will be showing the pregame fun all morning!! We will be having Game Day snacks and afternoon tea while the game is on. For dinner, we will be having the very traditional, party pies, sausage rolls and footy franks, all served with good old tomato sauce! The AFL grand final is always a big deal at Napier Street, with many of our residents barracking for the Sydney (Formally, South Melbourne) Swans! The Swans still have a chance for the finals, so fingers crossed!!


Lastly, In the light of the recent influenza outbreaks around Australia, we advise family members and visitors who are exhibiting any signs of illness to avoid visiting until the symptoms have passed. This is in accordance with the procedures outlined by the Department of Health. Thank you for your cooperation.


Evangeline Lammers

Lifestyle Coordinator