Fortnightly Update: June 9th - June 23rd

Welcome to the Fortnightly News! Some very exciting things have been happening around the facility this fortnight! 


Many of you have noticed that the folding doors in the downstairs lounge are being left open for all activities. In the past, they closed for activities to minimize noise coming from the facility. However, we found that by having the doors open, the activities become accessible to everyone. It provides a larger, brighter space that everyone has enjoyed. From the comments made at this month’s residents meeting, having the doors open has, so far, been a success. Feedback from residents and family members on this change is welcome.


We have celebrated several days including Italian day, where we had Italian dishes for dinner, lovely decorations around the dining area and a concert from Tenor, Paul Gulinello! He wooed the ladies and everyone enjoyed his performance. We celebrated the Queen’s birthday and hopefully everyone enjoyed the last long weekend until The AFL Grand Final! Speaking of AFL, the Football tipping is going well with some unexpected twist and turns in the winners for each week. Lastly, we celebrated International Pink day. This is a day to celebrate the colour pink and what it stands for. It’s a great excuse to brighten up the facility with pink decorations, pink cakes and pink themed activities.


Every Wednesday morning the residents enjoy Adult colouring with music. High quality colouring pages, pencils and markers are provided and residents are welcome to make requests and bring their own colouring materials. This is a great way for everyone to relax and have some fun. Once a month we will be doing and arts and crafts project. This month we made Dream Catchers from recycled DVD’s and CD’s, thick wool and beads. As you can see down below everyone is proud of their creations and they turned out well. The reflection from the CD’s catch the light and look beautiful hanging in resident’s windows! We look forward to what we can create next month!


We had our Monthly Mass Services and our fortnightly Rosary and Communion service. We also had a very successful residents meeting whether a lot was discussed and brought up! The improvement log form was used by several residents and it’s a great way to raise suggestions or give compliments anonymously or not. 


We have been hosting three St. Kevin students for the last several months. They have been attending on a Wednesday afternoon to play active games. This week was their last week and we have enjoyed their company and having their faces around the facility. We will be having 3 new students returning late July and we look forward to meeting them and getting to know them.


Next week we will be having our monthly Ecumenical Church service. This will be Reverend Nick Hearnshaw’s last service here at Napier Street as he will be retiring. We wish him and his family well as they take on this new stage of their lives! He will be missed greatly, but hopefully we will see him around and he will come and visit. We wish him all the best!


Coming up in the next fortnight; Men’s group, Classical Music Lovers Group, Musical Chairs Luncheon, Breakfast Club, Ecumenical Church Service.


Lifestyle Coordinator

Evangeline Lammers