Fortnightly Update: July 7th - July 21st

Welcome to the fortnightly news!


Firstly, we have had some lovely visits from the NIDO Early Start Childcare Centre. Their community walking program has been successful and they will be visiting us every Wednesday and joining in our art and craft program. They are lovely children and we look forward to their visits. The Centre has asked if they can bring the “babies” group to visit which will be lovely for everyone.


Our quiz session has been update to feature the projector screen or print outs of the question for residents. This will enable residents who are hearing impaired to join in and participate actively in the quiz session. We have been trialing both methods and both seem to be working well. When we have the projector screen up, we are able to provide a wide range of quiz topics from online sources and we are able to cate the quiz session it it’s attendees.


We celebrated Bastille day on Friday 14th of July. This is the French National Day that commemorates the first storming of the Bastille, a turning point in the French revolution. As always, the facility was decorated with red, white and blue streamers and French themed photos. For dinner on Friday the kitchen provided croissants and brioche buns along with their soup and other snacks. Flashback Duo, a favorite amongst Napier street residents and staff, entertained us with French and non-French songs. A lot of fun was had by all!


Duo Melodica entertained everyone with an array of musical talent on Sunday morning. It went well and was a hit with everyone.


A resident received Red Dog: True Blue, for their birthday and was kind enough to lend it to Napier Street to watch for this week’s afternoon at the movies. As always, animal themed films brought out the emotions in everyone, however the movie was enjoyed immensely!


Lastly, we had Cindy Dean join us for a sing along on Friday morning. Her fresh style on old classics is a fun twist and is always loved!


Next week, we will be having 3 new St Kevin Student joining us on Wednesday afternoons to play active games. They will be coming until the end of the year. We have been hosting Year 10 St Kevin Students for year now and always enjoy their company and their fresh faces around the facility. Make them feel welcome and join us for a game of Darts or Floor Bowls!


Our monthly residents meeting is a great opportunity to discuss changes and happenings around Napier Street. Family are welcome to attend. Improvement log forms are available to be filled out anonymously and are discussed at residents meeting. Staff can help residents fill out form if needed!


Have a great fortnight!