Fortnightly Update: July 21st - August 4th

Welcome to the Napier Street fortnightly news!


We had several special events in the last two weeks. Firstly we had Cindy Dean perform for us with her old school sound and her energetic performing style. She brings a fresh act to Napier street!


Secondly we had Arm Chair Travels. This is an activity where Paul Lucas, and avid traveler, show the residents photos of his trips. It allows everyone to experience the amazing landsapes, breath taking scenery and beautiful new lands without ever leaving the comfort of their arm chairs! This is always a hit with everyone. This sessions theme was “Travels to the UK!”


This week we had our Classical Music Lovers Group with a selection of music by German composers. We watched an excerpt of documentary from ‘Classical Destinations- An armchair guide to Classical music’ narrated by Simon Callow about Johann Sebastian Bach and his time in Leipzig. It was also interesting to learn that Bach’s pupils had to hand written multiple copies of the original scores for the ensemble before the rehearsals! The video of the Polish American pianist Arthur Rubinstein playing the third movement of Beethoven Sonata ‘Appassionata’ was well received. We also watched part of Schumann’s piano concerto in A minor played by the world famous Argentine pianist, Martha Argerich. Some residents commented that it was relaxing listening to the music and watching the performance. As usual, we are taking requests for the Classical music theme for next month.


We had a successful residents meeting, much like most month, with many points discussed and issues, compliments and suggestions brought up.


Our new group of St Kevin’s volunteer student joined us. As mentioned previously they will be joining us every Wednesday afternoon to play active games and stay for a cup of tea. This semester we have Hugh and Darcy joining us from year 10. Please make them feel very welcome and say “Hello!”


Our monthly men’s group was, as always, a hit! With the grand final coming up. We will be playing some reruns of special moments in football history.


Lastly, we had an outing! 16 residents and 4 staff were treated to a day out on the town! We visited the Eureka tower and ventured to the 88th floor! This was an exhilarating experience for all and the view were spectacular. We found where Napier street was and looked over the whole of Melbourne. It was amazing to see how small everything looked from up there! Some residents bought souvenirs to remember their time and other just savored the view with a photo or two! Following this, we went to the Limerick Arms Hotel, just around the corner from Napier Street, for lunch! The wait for lunch was worth it with many choosing the classic pub favorite, fish and chips served with pea puree and tartare sauce! This was washed down by several jugs of icy cold lemonade and the meal was enjoyed by everyone. I think everyone, including staff, will sleep well tonight!


We have several events and special days coming up. We have mass, two concerts, world elephant day (where we will be showing the movie “Water for Elephants”), and lastly National Science week. We will be running several science based activities including some science experiments that the residents can keep! Don your lab coats and come along to learn something new!


See you next fortnight!


Evangeline Lammers