Napier News

Welcome to the Napier News!!


We’ve had quite a few things going on here at Napier Street!


Firstly, our Grandfinal day was a success! We had a lot of fun dressing up in our footy gear and singing the team anthems! It was a sea of colour in the day centre and everyone had a smile on their faces. The day started with morning tea in the Day centre, we then had a AFL themed quiz with lots of chocolate prizes! We then moved on to the Handball competition. The attendees were split in to 2 teams and everyone had a go handballing the football in to the Handball target! Everyone got involved which was lovely to see and we even had some family and friends attend! Lastly, we gave out the long-awaited football tipping prizes! First prize to Betty, second to Jack and Third to Lilian! They each received a signed certificate, a trophy, some chocolates and a footy themed prize! Everyone, including staff, enjoyed the day and everything ran smoothly!


We had 2 mobile clothing companies come in the last month. We had Shoe GoGo visit, who sells comfortable and stylish shoes. They measure their clients and ensure that the shoe fits properly before a purchase! It’s a great way for people who aren’t able to get out much to enjoy some shopping, even if it’s just window shopping! The second company was Senior Style! They sell a huge range of women’s and men’s clothes for different seasons. They are full of fun and colorful clothing as well as the classics and basic needs that cater to everyone! Racks upon racks were set up in the lifestyle area and everyone had fun having a looking through the collection. Thank you to Steve who ensured that the day ran as smoothly as possible! Keep an eye out on the notice boards for the next visit, and come along!


We’ve had several concerts in the last month including Flashback Duo, Duo Melodica and Jo Kalinowski! We also had our monthly Mass and Ecumenical church service, as well as our Residents meeting.


The theme for the Classical Music Lovers’ Group this month is the music of Franz Liszt. We watched some great recorded performances of Liszt’s piano works, including the well known ‘La campanella’, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Everyone was very impressed with the so called ‘most difficult, unplayable piano piece of Liszt’ titled 'Rondo Fantastique El Contrabandista', performed by Ukranian pianist Valentina Listista. One resident later shared that she also had a Bösendorfer piano, the same piano that Valentina Listista played on. The insightful documentary of Liszt that we watched brought up good memories of some people- one gentleman shared that he has been to the house of Franz Liszt while travelling in Europe. We always take suggestions from the audience towards the end for the next Classical Music. We have got Benjamin Britten and contemporary composers in line for next time!


Napier Street Aged Care Services conducted several outings to Werribee Zoo with residents throughout the month of October. Volunteers from the Zoo took us for a "Buggy" tour to see the lion cubs and gorillas. This was followed by a lovely lunch consisting of hot pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches. We concluded the day with a safari bus tour to see the wild animals on the Savannah reserve. A mandatory icy-pole was enjoyed on the way home! It was a lovely day for residents, staff and volunteers! Thank you to the City of Port Phillip for their generous grant to help us organize this wonderful outing. It was amazing for the residents to experience the community around them and enjoy a day out in the sun!


Lastly, due to the lovely weather recently, we finally were able to set up the sensory garden in the front garden! This is a raised garden that will be put together by residents with the help of staff. It will contain herbs, flowers, ornaments and will be a lovely place to everyone to sit by and tend to. We had our monthly men’s group help with the construction of the frame and the base as well as helping fill the garden bed with soil and sugar cane! Once the soil settles we will be able to start planting and tending to the garden!


See you next month!


Evangeline Lammers


Lifestyle Coordinator