Napier News: March 2018

We are well and truly back in to the swing of things here are Napier street! Staff are back from leave and the activities have returned. The weather is still warm, with a few showers here and there. We are all trying to make our way out to the garden to enjoy the last few weeks before the cold weather set in!

We have recruited several new volunteers who have been spending their time getting to know everyone and making these visits to the garden more regular. It’s always lovely to sit in the sun and have a chat! Everyone needs a little bit more Vitamin D in their lives! We are always looking for new, committed volunteers who would like to be part of our organizations!

Concerts and special events have also returned in February including David D who entertained us with his rock and roll vibe! As well as Tom Aiono and his lovely wife who entertained us with dancing, singing and even some duets thrown in there!

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes for dessert! Valentine’s Day was celebrated with red and pink themed cakes for afternoon tea. Chinese New Year celebrations included a lovely Chinese style dinner, and International Women’s day was celebrated with themed activities. As always, most of these events are accompanied with decorations around the facility.

We also celebrated Maree’s 90th birthday! We had morning tea in the lounge for her and we all enjoyed singing happy birthday and watching her blow out the candles on her birthday cake! Maree also had a delivered an amazing bunch of flowers from her grandchildren that she was able to show off to everyone who helped her celebrate her big milestone!

We will be celebrating St Patrick’s day, Greek Independence Day and Easter in the following month!

It’s that time of year again! The 2018 AFL footy season kicks off on Thursday the 22nd of March! We are excited to hold our annual Napier street resident tipping competition. As always, the winners receive prizes and certificates and we have a celebration of the Grand Final. Last Year’s winners were Jack Baldwin, Digger and Lilian! For the first time, the staff will be getting in on the action, with their own football tipping competition. Good Luck to everyone who is participating this year! 

We had a visit to the Coventry Children’s Centre, next to the South Melbourne Market. We shared morning tea with the children and staff there. This was homemade pumpkin scones with margarine and milk! We then got back to basics with some messy finger painting! The staff at CCC were so lovely to get everyone involved in the process and bring out our inner child. The painting made by residents and children was delivered, wrapped and with a beautiful card for us to display in the facility. This will be put up shortly!

We’ve also been enjoying visits from the NIDO early school. We have organized for them to bring books, photos and other special things to show the residents and make conversation. The children are learning how interact with the world around them and this is a great way for everyone to have a chat and get to know each other! We also had a group of their join us for our Music Group Session. They brought their own music teacher and sang some beautiful songs, danced for us and enjoyed some classics that the residents love and wanted to share! We are so glad that these visits are so regular and the Centre take time out of their busy schedule to visit us!

We look forward to what will be happening next month!

Evangeline Lammers

Lifestyle Coordinator