Napier News: July 2018

Welcome to the Napier Newsletter! Well we are certainly in the thick of winter now with nights reaching lows of 0°C and the days not much better! But we are still taking regular trips out to the garden to enjoy the fleeting sunshine when it does make an appearance.

The last month has still had many things happening and we have had several noteworthy events and outings.

Firstly, concerts! We have had 3 concerts since the last newsletter. Cindy Dean entertained us for a Mother’s Day special. She gave us modern twists on old classics. Her retro style and amazing voice wowed us all (As per usual!). Secondly, we had Paul Gulinello perform for us. He is certainly a hit with the ladies with his soulful ballads and classical tenor parts. Lastly, we were visited by the South Port Singers. The local choir group has had a long history with Napier street and we always enjoy their pre-dinner weekend shows. We received many positive reviews from both residents and families and are in the works to have them back soon!

We have had a lot of intergenerational interactions happening here at Napier Street. We have set up regular visits twice a week from NIDO early school. Blake and the other teachers bring a group of about 15 children ranging from 3 – 5 years old. They visit us for the colouring group on a Wednesday morning where we enjoy a good chat, show and tell and they help us with colouring. The teachers at NIDO also encourage the students to bring in things to show us, to promote discussion and interactions. A similar group also visit on a Thursday and join us for out morning music group with Jean. We are never short of musical suggestions from everyone involved in the group. We have also started a babies group on a Thursday afternoon. Fabiana who runs a mother’s club group in South Melbourne brings a group of mothers and babies to join us for the afternoon singalong. The babies are all around 9 months old and this interaction is enjoyed by young and old and everyone in between!

We had both Senior style and Shoe Go Go visit us since the last newsletter. This is a great opportunity for those who find shopping a bit difficult to find some clothes and shoes that are both fashionable, accessible and comfortable! If you missed out on these services, feel free to let staff know if there is anything you need, clothing wise and we can order products online.

We were lucky enough to receive funding from the City of Port Phillip for “Morning Movies and Munchies!”. The funding was used to see two movies at the cinema. We enjoyed the morning watching “the Leisure Seeker” and “The Book Shop” at Waverley Cinema. Both of these outings were followed by a delicious lunch and a scenic drive home! For those who weren’t able to attend the outing, we purchased several new release movies with the left-over funding. We also purchased some snacks for those who watched the movies here at the facility to make it an authentic cinema experience!

We would also like to thank the Friends of Napier street who allowed us the funding to purchase 2 Virtual Reality Headsets. These will be used with residents to travel, visit the beach and other interactive and stationary virtual realities. Staff have been testing it out and several residents have already trialled it with positive experiences all around!

Celeste, who is a trained Pilates instructor has volunteered her services to Napier street and will be running a gentle Pilates session on a Thursday afternoon. For those who don’t know what Pilates is, it is the art of controlled movements, which should look and feel like a workout. Celeste will be running seated sessions and this activity is suitable for anyone who would like to give it a go!

We had Caitlin, a Year 10 work experience student here for a week in June. We thoroughly enjoyed her time with us! We wish her all the best for the rest of her studies and hope she comes to visit!

Lastly, we said goodbye to this semesters year 10 St Kevin Students. We had 3 boys, Liam, Adam and Thomas, visit us weekly to play active games and enjoy afternoon tea. We commend both the school and the students for the way they conducted themselves whilst here. We know they formed bonds with those who participated in the active game group and we hope to see them again. Three new students will be starting next semester!

Keep warm and enjoy the sunshine when it is here!

Evangeline Lammers

Lifestyle Coordinator