Rules of 179 Napier Street Hostel Association Incorporated trading as Napier Street Aged Care Services

“At the AGM on 23 October 2017 a special resolution will be put that our rules be changed to the form attached. The new paragraphs are marked in red under the paragraph numbers. The proposed new rules are based on the model rules prescribed pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. The only differences from the model rules are:

  • The proposed rules use the terms “Board”, “Chair”, & “Deputy Chair”
  • The proposed rules provide that at its first meeting after the AGM the Board elects the office bearers and that ordinary members hold office for 3 years and are eligible for re-election – proposed rules 52 & 54 This reflects the current rules
  • The proposed rules provide that the Board determines matters relating to annual subscriptions and joining fees (both if any) – proposed rule 12
  • The proposed rules require that at least 3 months must have passed before a new member is entitled to vote at an AGM or be a Board member – proposed rule 13
  • The proposed rules require that the Treasurer in accordance with financial delegations granted by the Board must ensure that all moneys paid are receipted in the name of the Association – proposed rule 48
  • The proposed rules provide that a quorum for a Board meeting is a majority of Board members – proposed rule 62.”


To find out more you can download the Model rules for an incorporated association.